Stypendia ENA / IRA – International cycles

The Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA) and the Regional Institutes of Administration (IRA)

For more than 60 years, ENA has been welcoming foreign students from all continents. Over 3,400 foreign students from 128 different countries have already taken our courses. ENA and the IRA propose a large offer of trainings, addressed to young civil servants or students as to more experienced civil servants and guarantees high quality trainings. One of the fundamental principles of the international cycles is to stimulate point of view exchanges, by altering theoretical and applied courses.

Deadline to apply : 15th of November 2017

3 cycles of long-term training are open to foreign public agents and civil servants:

The Long International Course (CIL)

Lasting 16 months, open to junior civil servants or public agents. The CIL may be open to future civil servants after dispensation.

  • Master’s degree in general public administration
  • Master’s degree in public Institution communication
  • Master’s degree in Public Action in Europe

The International Advanced Training Course (CIP)

Lasting 8 months, open to senior civil servants. This course leading to ENA International Diploma in Public Administration can be completed with a Master program in one of two special areas :

The IRA International Course (CiIRA)

Lasting 8 months, open to junior and senior civil servants.  IRA course also provides foreign civil servants with the opportunity to prepare, in addition to their IRA diploma, a master’s degree.


After filling the online application please remember to print and send the requested files to the
Service de Coopération Scientifique et Culturelle
(SCAC) of the French Embassy in Poland

For further information, please consult the ENA website :
Information brochure

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